Presentations 08/06

Overview of EFPRA’s activities

M. Alm  

Nutritional value of PAPs for pigs and poultry and consumer perception of the animal source food

P. Bikker

Meat Markets in Europe – Quo vadis?

Josef Efken

Biofeedstocks for Biofuels Production

A. Martelli

Presentations 09/06


S. Beerendonk

Statistical overview of the animal fats and animal by-products processing industry in the 2022

  D. Dobbelaere

Techno-economic feasibility analysis of the production of green hydrogen from certified, sustainable and programmable bio-liquids: case study of Proteg SpA

A. Monforti Ferrario

An update of the EU legislation on Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) and Animal by-products (ABP)

F. Reviriego Gordejo